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We Need Your Help


Join us and help support the organizations that are dear to our heart. Spain's Spices is passionate for these causes because our son was born with a disorder and has been affected all of his life.

Everett II Story

In 1990, during active duty, we were overjoyed to learn that we were expecting twins, a girl and a boy. Although we received the best medical care available, our children were born prematurely (26 weeks) as twins ofter are. Our daughter weighed 1.8 pounds and our son 1.4 pounds. With numerous health complications in their future, we, alongside the medical staff, fought to save our children. With God's grace, they lived but with inevitable challenges ahead.


Not long after birth and more than 9 surgery's, our son Everett II, the smaller of the two, was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. We had no idea what that would look like for him; or our family, but without hesitation we began the lifelong journey of creating a life that he could call normal.


Realizing that we were blessed to have access to the best care and resources money could buy, Spain's Spices would like to help families like ours to offset some of the hidden expenses that come with having a child with special needs. 


Please join us in the fight against this disorder. Much more research is needed as well as resources for less fortunate families. With your help, ten percent of every bottle of seasoning sold will be donated to each of our partnering foundations the Easterseals National Foundation for Cerebral Palsy. Your help is welcomed and appreciated. 

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