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Our Mission, Vision & Core Values

To be recognized as the unprecedented market leader in providing exceptionally sustainable, healthy seasoning products around the world. 



Committed to achieving the Vision through our Core Values and making available to the world, a healthier, unique line of seasoning products, at the optimum cost and availability.

Female Entrepreneur

Renee Mitchell 

Chief of Manufacturing

Young Woman with Smart Outfit

Rochelle Walker

Director of Marketing and Sales

Woman in White

Tess Andersen

Director of Digital Creations

Girl with Grey Tshirt

Noah Patterson

Director of Customer Relations

Our Team


Teamwork: We have a regimented work ethic focused on achieving our greatest tasks. 


Integrity: We strengthen consumer and partner relations though trust and transparency.


Commitment: We are dedicated to safety, environmental awareness, and ethical respect for all people because it delivers inclusiveness and a growth mindset to consumers worldwide.  

Excellence: We are fervent about our staff, products and service quality of excellence. 


Extraordinary Customer Relationships

One Voice One Team

Exemplify Industry Leadership​​


As a Retired, Disabled Veterans, Majority Women Owned Corporation, we welcome the opportunity to earn your trust by delivering some of the best tasting, healthy seasoning  products in the industry.

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