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Security and Privacy Information

All Customer information is handled with the utmost in concern.  All data transmitted via this website is done so in a secure fashion. Under no circumstances does Spain's Spices ever provide Credit Card Account Number information or phone numbers to any other party other than our credit card processor.


Spain's Spices does not sell or rent names and addresses.


Spain's Spices does have partners with which we may provide non-unique name and address information.  In other words if your information has already been made available through other sources or if you have previously made an order with our partner company(s) or affiliates than we can confirm your current name and address.  However, if your name and address information is unique to our database than your information will not be made available and will remain private.


You may opt out of transmission of any data including non-unique data by sending us an email at  Please provide your customer #, name and address and request that all customer information remain private.



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