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— Amazon Customer

Very nice flavor with some citruws overtones and a little heat. Just about right. I really appreciate that there is no sugur or salt in it. Hard to find for a diabetic.


— Amazon Customer

I know spices (I have 60+ in my cabinet), but Spain's takes the cake! It took me a while to believe all I would need is this one seasoning, but now I'm a believer! It goes on anything. If you like your food spicy, try their spicy seasoning. I honestly don't know which one I like more!!!

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Frequently asked questions

Are these BBQ Seasonings/Rubs?

We created these products to be versatile enough for both the everyday cook and Barbecue Enthusiast. SERIOUSLY! These products are not just overflowing with robust flavors but, healthy enough for even the most strict dietary lifestyles. We recommend using the seasonings daily - - like you would other seasonings but without all the junk.

What's the best way to use your seasonings?

Whether you're preparing that favorite family dish, soups during the winter, BBQ'n or grilling, our products are ready to take your pallet to another level of flavor goodness. The difference, our ingredients, and the taste. We cannot say this enough...use our products on ALL your meats (Beef, Pork, Chicken, Lamb, Turkey, Venison & Seafoods) PLUS, because there's Low Sodium, No Gluten, No Sugar, No MSG, No GMO, and No Preservatives, we also use them on veggies and side dishes. So you ask, will everything taste the same? NOT AT ALL!!!...but everything will burst with flavors without sacrificing quality and a healthy eating lifestyle.

What is the shelf life of our seasonings?

All our products are Non-Irradiated - - meaning none of the ingredients were treated with any pesticides or preservatives. As packaged, our products will maintain their freshness up to 12 month after opened.

Is Chipotle or Chili Powder an ingredient?

No. Our company operate under the belief that food safety, and no hidden ingredients promote healthier eating. This is most important to our Corporate Partners, customers, family and friends.

Where are our products manufactured?

Manufacturing and packaging are done at our certified/approved facility located in Dallas, TX.

How are your seasonings Low Sodium?

3% per Teaspoon or 70mg is probably the lowest of ANY blended product you'll find in the marketplace. We challenge you to find one lower and compare the flavors. Check the label on the product(s) you're using today and compare.

Are there business opportunities with Spain's Spices?

Yes. If you're thinking of going into business of your own and wish to sell our products for profit, visit the Private Labeling section for more information.

Where else can I purchase your products besides this website?

Are other sizes available?

Yes we have 1lb. resealable pouches.

Are Spain's Spices Organic?

Our products have not been registered as Organic however, our ingredients are completely Non-Irradiated and have no preservatives. Non-irradiation; as does Organic, simply means none of the ingredients were treated with pesticides throughout it's growth or harvest period. Our products are Keto, Vegan, Vegetarian, Paleo, and Pescatarian friendly.



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